About John Bullard Confectioners


John Bullard has always loved quality chocolate. With three times the cocoa and a fraction of the sugar of that found in mass-produced chocolate, Bullard’s chocolates are an exquisite taste.

John Bullard chocolates

Trained as a pastry chef, John Bullard began making hand-made chocolates and fell in love with the art of the chocolatier. Bullard combines the rich tones of Belgian and French chocolate with liqueurs, nuts and fruits as well as more unusual ingredients including lavender, cardamom and Earl Grey tea.

Making chocolate is a long and complicated process, that requires large reserves of patience. The consistency, the way the chocolate breaks and whether it melts in the mouth are all part of the chocolatier's calculations. As Bullard states “When it all goes well it is satisfying, but when one thing goes wrong that set of chocolates is ruined and everything goes to waste.”

Today, Bullard’s refined chocolates are manufactured to ensure they maintain quality and freshness. It is for this reason that Bullard produces no more than sixty pounds of chocolate a day.

John Bullard biscuits

John Bullard is also trusted for quality biscuits, made with the same skill and care as the chocolates. Combining a chocolatier’s expertise with baking skills creates, as one example, the perfect chocolate chip cookies that are barely crisp around the edges with a buttery, toffee-like crunch that transitions into a chewy, moist centre that bends like caramel, rich with butter and big pockets of melted chocolate. Cookies with crackly, craggy tops and the complex aroma of butterscotch. And of course, that elusive perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Bullard puts a lot of work into creating the best biscuits. Biscuits are fickle, but Bullard has tested each and every element from ingredients to cooking process in the quest for the best. Biscuits may be simple techniques, but they hide more complicated processes underneath that Bullard understands and incorporates into his inventions. For the best possible taste, Bullard believes the extra time and effort put into biscuits is certainly worth it.

Bullard’s range of biscuits use only the best ingredients to create biscuits with added nuttiness and butterscotch notes to the final flavour in some or a denser, fudge-like texture to others. His expertise with chocolate enables Bullard to understand how to incorporate chocolate to affect the texture of his final product, leaving us with biscuits guaranteed to be perfect.

Тravel Destinations for the Best Chocolate in the World


Taking a holiday means taking time to indulge ourselves, to travel and create new memories. For those who still don't know what to do for Valentine's day and especially for chocolate lovers, here are some fabulous destinations around the world that you’re sure to enjoy:

Brussels, Belgium

There are more than 2,000 chocolatiers throughout Belgium. In Brussels there are several tours of some of the city's most famous chocolate shops, with guides balancing tasting notes with historical facts. Try Chocolaterie Duval or Chocolaterie Jamart to witness the chocolate-making process. You can also visit the big names of chocolate that have opened stores here, including Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini and Godiva.

Rome, Italy

Italian food and milk chocolate can both be found at the SAID restaurant in the San Lorenzo area of Rome. SAID was once the oldest chocolate factory in Rome and now serves many dishes which are infused with cocoa. From chocolate ravioli to eggplant and chocolate sauce, their dishes sound peculiar, but the entire menu is divine.

New York, United States of America

Between the famous Serendipity frozen hot chocolates that draw fans from around the country, Jacques Torres’s European-style café near the Brooklyn Bridge and the cult favourite Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, you’ll have more than enough chocolate destinations to keep you happy. Visit the Mast Brothers’ factory in Williamsburg to taste their unusual blends and sample “chocolate teas.”

San Francisco, United States of America

Well loved chocolate brands Ghirardelli and Scharffen Berger were both founded in the Bay Area, and you can see how both companies operate on tours. The city is also full of independent chocolate shops well worth a visit including XOX Truffles, Cocoa Bella, TCHO, and Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolates.