Chocolate Wedding Themed Ideas

chocolate fountain

For chocoholics, a chocolate themed wedding is a great way to incorporate your personalities into the style of your big day. This article gives some ideas for your big day, staring with planning your colour palette right through to the final reception music.

Colours for a chocolate themed wedding

Set the scene for your wedding with cream, brown and gold. Brown can be coffee coloured for dark chocolate, cappuccino for milk chocolate. Cream for white chocolate. Gold can be metallic or plain gold. Other colours on the gold spectrum include goldenrod or dark goldenrod or harvest gold. Deep purple is another colour heavily associated with the chocolate industry.

Stationery for a chocolate themed wedding

Whilst you could opt for a shade of chocolate brown for your stationery, edible chocolate place cards can be a fun and novel idea.

Transport for a chocolate themed wedding

A vintage cream wedding car or a modern cream limo are two traditional modes of transport that fit a chocolate theme. In any car, you can fill the rear shelf of any car with gold foil wrapped sweets in place of flowers. If it is safe to do so, you can wind down the windows and throw them to your guests as you leave.

Outfits for a chocolate themed wedding

For the bride, perhaps a cream wedding dress with a cocoa brown or purple thread interwoven into the material with a pair of golden wedding shoes. Purple satin bridesmaid dresses will complement the bridal gown perfectly.

For the groom and grooms-men, classic cream lounge suits will look good with a brown or purple tie. Complete all gentlemen’s outfits with gold cuff-links and well polished brown leather shoes.

Flowers for a chocolate themed wedding

Bring drama to a bouquet with chocolate cosmos. This flower has a velvety texture and deep burgundy, almost chocolate blooms. Match their chocolate scent and their dainty flowers with white, blush or pink flowers or have your bouquet made entirely of cosmos.

Venue for a chocolate themed wedding

Having a chocolate themed wedding means you can choose any venue that allows you to set up a chocolate fountain.

Food for a chocolate themed wedding

Here are some ideas for a six-course seated dinner for your wedding day:

Course 1 – Rum chocolate shots served with olives marinaded in oregano and olive oil.

Course 2 – Spinach, goat’s cheese and chocolate filo triangles.

Course 3 – Chocolate dukkah served with olive oil and flat-breads.

Course 4 – Chocolate falafel served with a mixed salad in tahini dressing.

Course 5 – chocolate pecan pie with cream

Course 6 – Coffee accompanied by chocolate and goat’s cheese truffles.

The Wedding Cake: A chocolate wedding cake can be anything you wish. A multi-tiered chocolate sponge with a hazelnut praline filling encased in white chocolate swirls and topped with continental chocolates is just one suggestion.

Drink for a chocolate themed wedding

Beer lovers will appreciate creamy chocolate stouts that highlight the complementary flavours of dark chocolate, bitter coffee and hops. Popular examples include Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate stout, Young's Double Chocolate Stout or Samuel Adams’ Cream Stout.

For cocktails, have crème de cacao, Irish cream or a chocolate liquor such as Godiva chocolate liqueur on hand. Each of these liquors can be used in a variety of drinks. Make a round of chocolate Martinis with infusions of your choice. A Mexican hot chocolate incorporates a mix of tequila or Kahlua, chocolate powder, milk and agave.

Have plenty of hot cocoa with some marshmallows, sprinkles, cinnamon and cocoa powder for garnish for those who are not drinking alcohol.

Décor and favours for a chocolate themed wedding

Coffee, cream and gold coloured balloons with chocolate scented candles can be your surrounding décor. Add cream chair covers with purple or brown ribbon to complete the look. For favours, personalised chocolates are the obvious choice or wrap four truffles in gold boxes with ribbon.

Music and entertainment for a chocolate themed wedding

A large chocolate fountain should be the centrepiece of your evening entertainment, decked out with marshmallows, fruit, chocolate pieces and more. Musically, you could opt for a Hot Chocolate tribute band or search for chocolate themed songs like the Undertones “Mars Bars”.