Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

voges haut chocolate

Whilst many of us love chocolate, for those with the money, you can buy luxury chocolates that are divine. Here we list of the most expensive chocolates in the world with the cost given for 454grammes or 1 pound of chocolate heaven:

1. Vosges Haut Chocolate

Vosges chocolates are highly appreciated for their original recipes and daring combinations of ingredients. The Vosges Bacon Chocolate Collection boasts a sublime mix of luxury dark milk chocolate, bacon truffles and Valrhona cocoa powder or hickory smoked bacon pieces.

Other impressive examples include the Naga, made using milk chocolate, coconut and Indian Curry. Vosges chocolate are the least expensive in this list, priced at £55 per pound.

2. Teuscher Chocolate

Teuscher is a renowned luxury Swiss Chocolatier best known for their delicious Champagne Truffles. All Teuscher chocolates are made entirely by hand by experienced chocolatiers before being retailed worldwide. For £60 per pound, you can enjoy some of the most exquisite hand-crafted chocolates in the world.

3. Richard Donnelly

Richard Donnelly is a talented chocolatier who established his brand Donnelly Chocolates in 1988. Richard studied the art of the chocolatier under the tutelage of experts in Brussels and Paris. His incredible skill and dedication has earned him a number of impressive awards. His products include chocolate bars, truffles, cakes, cookies and more. The price for a pound of Richard Donnelly chocolate is approximately £61.

4. Chuao Chocolatier

chuao chocolatier

Founded in 2002 by the Antonorsi Brothers, the company name is a homage to the Chuao cacao-growing region in Venezuela. The company is well known for producing sublime chocolate products with unusual combinations of fresh ingredients, including chipotle, popping candy, cayenne pepper and chilli paste. All Chuao products are made free from preservatives and include vegan chocolate, hot chocolate and wine chocolate. Also on their inventory are brownie mixes, baking chocolate and bonbons. The price per pound is around £63.

5. Debauve & Gallais

With a rich historical heritage and vast chocolate making experience, since it was founded in 1800 by Sulpice Debauve, this luxury brand uses natural ingredients exclusively, without preservatives or dyes. Produced using low quantities of sugar and high quantities of high-end cocoa, other ingredients include Perigord nuts, Piedmont hazelnuts, Spanish almonds and Turkish raisins. Debauve & Gallais chocolates usually cost about £75 per pound.

6. Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini oversees each step of the entire chocolate production process, frequently making small modifications to his recipes. His chocolates, using the finest cocoa beans, come in a wide variety of tastes and textures, most bearing an expensive price tag of £82 per pound.

7. Richart


Richart Chocolates is a well established luxury chocolatier that was founded in 1925 in Lyon, France. Their chocolates contain 70 percent cocoa from Venezuela, considered the best cocoa in the world. Their fabulous products are half culinary delights, half works of art. Available worldwide, Richart chocolates retail at £96 per pound.

8. Godiva “G” Collection

The Godiva Chocolatier was founded in Belgium in 1926, and now owns hundreds of boutiques and shops across the globe.

The “G” Collection was envisioned by a highly skilled pastry chef named Norman Love. The collection of chocolates includes a sublime selection of treats that are made using the highest quality ingredients including Tasmanian Honey and Palet d’Or and comprises a selection of 15 high-end chocolate pieces, at an expensive cost of £96 per pound.

9. Delafee

Delafee, in the top rank of luxury chocolate brands in the world, is based in Switzerland. Not many can afford to spend £406 per pound for their most expensive chocolates, known as “Golden Truffle”. These truffles are produced from Ecuador’s cocoa beans and covered with flakes of high quality edible 24-karat gold. The gold flakes are applied manually on each chocolate bar for a touch of exclusivity, while other components including vanilla, milk powder and coconut oil ensure an sense of extravagance.

10. Noka Vintages Collection

Even though the American company Noka Chocolate went out of business in 2011, its exquisite luxury Vintages Collection were made with ingredients that originated in the Ivory Coast, Trinidad, Venezuela and Ecuador. In 2006, Forbes listed the Noka Vintages Collection as one of the world’s most expensive chocolates, with a price tag of £683. One of the most expensive chocolates ever, the founder of the company described their chocolates as “not for the faint of heart or pocketbook”.

11. Chocopologie by Knipschildt

Possibly the most expensive luxury chocolate in the world, costing the equivalent of £2082 per pound comes from Fritz Knipschildt. Founded in 1999, the Knipschildt Chocolatier truffle is made using Valrhona cocoa blended with truffle oil that is hand-rolled around a dark truffle before being sprinkled with cocoa powder. Due to the expense, each £200 masterpiece, weighing just 45g, must be ordered in advance.